Episode 23: Wholesale Real Estate with Sean Terry


Wholesale Real Estate with Sean Terry.

In this episode my guest Sean Terry from the Flip2freedom academy sean terryjoins me to teach you how a wholesale real estate.  Wholesale real estate can generate some cash in your pocket quickly.  That doesn’t always happen, but it can happen. Sean gives us all the tips about how YOU can make money wholesaling real estate today.

How to Market for Wholesale Deals

Sean tells us about how to get our phones ringing with sellers.  Sean tells us what “key” factors you are listening for when you are talking to sellers.

How to Find Buyers

So you get a deal under contract.  Then what?  Sean gives us the inside scoop about how to find real estate investors that will want to buy your property.  He gives us several sources of buyers.

How Much to Offer?

How to you know how much to offer for the property?  Sean tells us how to get an accurate value of the property and how you determine what your offer price should be.


Sean Terry  & Flip2freedom.

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