Episode 6: Turn your dead leads into profits


In this episode my guest Brian Gibbons is going to explain how we can turn more dead leads into profits.  Instead of throwing most of your leads away, maximize them!  Take some of the thin leads and use alternate strategies to make more money.  How do you handle a lead that has little to no equity?  We will tell you.  If you add some new strategies you can maximize your leads and make more money with NO cost.  Brain also talks about the following:

  • Dodd-Frank Act and how it will tighten up the credit market and make mortgages harder to qualify for.
  • The 5 step negotiation process
  • The 3 column presentation
  • How to be a reluctant buyer
  • How to find a sellers “true’ motivation
  • How to find the best neighborhoods for lease options
  • What to do with properties that are under water
  • How to handle sellers objections
  • Brian’s lease option partnership program

Links to Brain’s training videos

Negotiation training:

Magic Words:  http://reiskills.com/subjects-a-z/negotiation-training/negotiation-home-sellers/negotiating-magic-words/

Three Column Presentation:

Website:  www.reiskills.com

Books Mentioned:

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