Episode 12: Trailer Parks – The Inside Story


Get the Inside story about trailer parks.

Ever wondered what’s involved with buying and owning one.  My guest Frank Rolfe is the 17th largest owner of trailer parks.  He knows all the ins and outs about buying, owning and managing a trailer park.

Trailer Park Pit Falls

Frank discusses several issues to avoid when looking at a trailer park.  Frank talks about the major systems: well, septic, power and lots that must be fully understood when looking into buying a trailer park.

Types of Lots and Trailers

Franks discusses how to maximize your returns and minimize the headaches.  Frank tells us the types of trailers and lots you need to have an efficient operation.  Franks tells us the correct size of a park you want to buy to maximize your returns.  Franks also discusses how to buy and finance these parks.



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