Episode 29: Setting the Rules for Your Tenants to Live By.


Setting the Rules for Your Tenants

I am a firm believer that if you set the rules or tone with your tenants they will live up to your expectations.  This applies to how you handle calls, applications, forms and calls for maintenance.

We strive to set our expectations of our tenants from the first contact with them.  We explain that we are professional property managers and we expect the property to be maintained and we expect them to mail us a check.  We also explain how they can call us for any maintenance issues.  We explain the late fee and the eviction process (we have never had to use, yet).  I think MOST people want to live within the rules that you set forth.


  1. Be kind and fair (everyone wants to be heard)
  2. Stick to YOUR Rules
  3. Enforce your rules
  4. Be professional (this is a business not personal)
  5. Do what you say
  6. Implement systems and use them
  7. Bring you tenants on the team and make them feel important.

I hope my tenant guidelines help you.



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