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Episode 80: MemphisInvest Vs. HomeUnion


MemphisInvest Vs. HomeUnion

In this episode my guest Phil Bottfeld and I are talking about the different models used by these two prominent companies for out-of-town investors.

The MemphisInvest Way:

The first way is the way memphisinvest way.  They help you find, and purchase a property, they rehab it, and they manage it for you. We discuss the pro’s and con’s of this method.  I know that this company and the Clothier Family has a great reputation and I’ve never heard anything negative about them.

The HomeUnion Way:

The second way companies work is how homeunion operates where they sell you a house and then management it for you.  HomeUnion has a list of properties that fit their criteria and they have properties with tenants in place.  We talk about their system and how it differs from MemphisInvest. 

What Works for You

We compare and contrast these two methods and discuss the fees involved with each.  Both of these companies offer good services the bottom line depends on what the investor is most comfortable with.