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Orlando Vacation Rental Secrets


Orlando Vacation Rental Secrets

In this episode I am talking with my friend Lance Whipple and we are talking about vacation rental homes. Lance and I are covering all aspects of the Orlando vacation rental market.

Hot Areas

Lance is sharing with me what areas are hot which areas you should avoid.  Lance is an expert in the area and deals with a lot of vacation rental properties. Did you know that Orange County does not allow vacation rentals? But Polk County just to the west of the parks does.  Also, there are several communities that are nearly entirely vacation rental properties.  Is it good or bad to be in these neighborhoods? Do you know the hottest vacation rental areas?  Lance talks about what the tourists look for when they are looking for a vacation rental.

Do’s and Don’ts

We cover the do’s and don’ts of vacation rental ownership.  Especially near http://www.disney.com and http://www.universalstudios.com.  Lance shares stories from his experience of things successful landlord do and the things that unsuccessful landlords do.  Several owners of these vacation rentals that I have spoken with are only trying to break even and have a place to stay for free during their vacations once or twice a year.  Their long term strategy is either retire to the property which will hopefully be paid off by then, or are hoping the equity and appreciation of the property will make the whole process worthwhile.

Rental Properties, vacation rentals near Disney and wholesaling properties.


Rental Properties

In this episode my wife Nic from www.rapwithnic.com are talking about rental properties.

Vacation Rentals

Nic and I are also talking about the popular trend of buyer short term rental properties near Disney.  There are literally entire neighborhoods of all short-term vacation rentals.  These homes are typically newer homes that are at least 4 but up to 6 bedroom homes with pools, that allows entire families vacation together near the parks and reduce their housing costs.  We cover several aspects of these types of properties.

Wholesaling Real Estate

It seems like everyone is now selling some course about wholesaling real estate. 
Every corner now seems to be littered with “I Buy Homes for Cash”.  But I get a lot of calls from people that bought a course and have not been able to make any money.  Either for lack of effort or the course made false promises to them, the failure rate seems really high.  There is no “get rich quick” methods, and if there was they probably would not be selling a course about it.  While I do think wholesaling is a good way to make some money it is neither cheap or easy.  You are essentially starting a marketing business.  You are marketing from sellers and buyers.  Don’t believe the hype..

Episode 80: MemphisInvest Vs. HomeUnion


MemphisInvest Vs. HomeUnion

In this episode my guest Phil Bottfeld and I are talking about the different models used by these two prominent companies for out-of-town investors.

The MemphisInvest Way:

The first way is the way memphisinvest way.  They help you find, and purchase a property, they rehab it, and they manage it for you. We discuss the pro’s and con’s of this method.  I know that this company and the Clothier Family has a great reputation and I’ve never heard anything negative about them.

The HomeUnion Way:

The second way companies work is how homeunion operates where they sell you a house and then management it for you.  HomeUnion has a list of properties that fit their criteria and they have properties with tenants in place.  We talk about their system and how it differs from MemphisInvest. 

What Works for You

We compare and contrast these two methods and discuss the fees involved with each.  Both of these companies offer good services the bottom line depends on what the investor is most comfortable with.


Episode 18: Real Estate and Your Family


Fit Real Estate Investing Around Your Family

In this episode my guest and good friend and real estate veteran shares with us her journey.  Sarah tells us about her many years managing rental properties and how her business have changed over the years.

How to Find the Balance

Sarah tells us how she has more recently taken a break from investing with the birth of her youngest child and her she is re-inventing herself and has changed her strategies based on her family commitments.

What You Need to Do to Manage Your Own Properties.

Sarah shares with us the number 1 thing you must be able to to do manage your own properties.  If you can’t do this you need to hire a property manager.