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Orlando Vacation Rental Secrets


Orlando Vacation Rental Secrets

In this episode I am talking with my friend Lance Whipple and we are talking about vacation rental homes. Lance and I are covering all aspects of the Orlando vacation rental market.

Hot Areas

Lance is sharing with me what areas are hot which areas you should avoid.  Lance is an expert in the area and deals with a lot of vacation rental properties. Did you know that Orange County does not allow vacation rentals? But Polk County just to the west of the parks does.  Also, there are several communities that are nearly entirely vacation rental properties.  Is it good or bad to be in these neighborhoods? Do you know the hottest vacation rental areas?  Lance talks about what the tourists look for when they are looking for a vacation rental.

Do’s and Don’ts

We cover the do’s and don’ts of vacation rental ownership.  Especially near http://www.disney.com and http://www.universalstudios.com.  Lance shares stories from his experience of things successful landlord do and the things that unsuccessful landlords do.  Several owners of these vacation rentals that I have spoken with are only trying to break even and have a place to stay for free during their vacations once or twice a year.  Their long term strategy is either retire to the property which will hopefully be paid off by then, or are hoping the equity and appreciation of the property will make the whole process worthwhile.

Episode 20: Virtual Real Estate Investing Secrets Revealed!!!


Virtual Real Estate Investing Secrets Revealed!!

In this episode my guest Vincent Polisi shares with me his secrets to investing in real estate virtually.  He divides his time between Florida and Arizona while investing in properties in Altanta and across the US.

Vincent tells us:

  • How he finds his deals
  • What type of deals he is looking for
  • What he does with these deals
  • How he sells properties
  • How he repeats this process across the country
  • How you can do this too


Virtual Real Estate Investor