Episode 8: Seller Finance to Fortunes


In this episode Mike Bryant from Jacomo Properties Share his strategies for making passive income by using seller financing to both buy and sell properties.  Mike shares his story about how he transitioned from the restaurant industry into real estate investing.

Mike also shares:

  • How he structured his first deal.
  • What he thinks is most important to new investors.
  • Why you should plug into networking groups.
  • How to find a niche or strategy that works for you
  • Direct mail campaigns and which list he uses
  • Where to get lead lists.
  • Why the ‘fix and flip’ is the most difficult strategy
  • Why he likes selling with owner financing
  • Why to never ‘fall in love’ with a property.
  • How to mail multiple lists simultaneously
  • Post card mailing secrets

Links : Jacomo Properties

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