Episode 47: Renterup.com : Automating Your Properties


Time to Automate Your Properties!

Have you see renterup.com?  This awesome service has be developed by a landlord for landlords.  Renterup.com allows you to receive the rent payments online for your tenants.  Stop running back and forth to the mailbox and collect the rent automatically.


Automate Your Service Calls

Renterup.com also allows your tenants to make service calls online.  This will also allow you to keep a record of the maintenance calls to a particular property.  This eliminates the back and forth with your tenants.

Allow Tenants without Bank Accounts to Pay Online!

Renterup.com has a new service called Paper or Plastic that allows your tenants that do not have a bank account to pay online.  This service gives the tenants a card they can scan at several national chain stores and the store will collect the rent payment and deposit it in your account.  Pretty Sweet!!

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