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Rental Properties, vacation rentals near Disney and wholesaling properties.


Rental Properties

In this episode my wife Nic from are talking about rental properties.

Vacation Rentals

Nic and I are also talking about the popular trend of buyer short term rental properties near Disney.  There are literally entire neighborhoods of all short-term vacation rentals.  These homes are typically newer homes that are at least 4 but up to 6 bedroom homes with pools, that allows entire families vacation together near the parks and reduce their housing costs.  We cover several aspects of these types of properties.

Wholesaling Real Estate

It seems like everyone is now selling some course about wholesaling real estate. 
Every corner now seems to be littered with “I Buy Homes for Cash”.  But I get a lot of calls from people that bought a course and have not been able to make any money.  Either for lack of effort or the course made false promises to them, the failure rate seems really high.  There is no “get rich quick” methods, and if there was they probably would not be selling a course about it.  While I do think wholesaling is a good way to make some money it is neither cheap or easy.  You are essentially starting a marketing business.  You are marketing from sellers and buyers.  Don’t believe the hype..

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