tenant turnover

Episode 10: How to Reduce Tenant Turnover with Mike Butler


Reduce your tenant turnover and increase your cash flow.

Nothing will kill your cash flow quicker than tenant turnover.   If you increase your landlording skills you will reduce your tenant turnover.  Mike helps you establish systems to manage your tenants and keep them from calling you at 3:00am.  Mike tells you his mistakes and how you can avoid making the same.

  • Mike talks about his boot camp program to buy without using banks.
  • Why most real estate agents can’t help you with alternate finance deals.
  • Landlording on Autopilot book deal he got.  How he wrote the book.

Mike’s best advice for new investors.

  1. Know your exit strategy before you make and offer.
  2. Join your local REIA (network)
  3. Do your homework.
  4. Watch your property taxes.
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  6. Get a mentor (not in your local area).
  7. How to find a mentor.

How to think like your tenants.

Mike discusses how to think like your tenants.  If you understand their mindset it will take your business to a new level.  Mike talks about where they shop and what the do for fun.




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