Qualifying Leads and not being needy


Qualifying Leads and not being needy

One of the most important things in real estate is being able distinguish the actions that generate income from the things that do not.  A lot of new real estate professional get confused and spend a lot of time and money focusing on activities that do not generate any income.

Qualifying Leads

My guest (and wife) Nicole Welch from Rap With Nic talk about qualifying leads.  I remember when I just got my real estate license that I was no excited to show houses to buyers that I was showing house to clients that did not have their financing in order and had poor credit scores.  So I was wasting my time and money with people that could buy the house.  The fact is I was being needy.  I wanted to show houses.. Which is great, but make sure you are showing them to people who are actually buyers.  Qualifying your leads simply means that when a lead (in this case buyers or sellers) we make sure that they are actually in a situation to buy or sell a house before we start investing tons of time with them.  This is how we qualify our leads.

Don’t be Needy

Another issue I see a lot is needy people.  Real estate professional that are needy and take listing they can’t sell for whatever reason or they pressure their sphere of influence to do business with them when it may not be a good fit.  They to be a bit selective with your clients.  By eliminating an air of neediness it will your relationship with your clients.

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