Episode 38: Finding A Great Property Management Company


Finding a Great Property Management Company.

If you are a long-distance property owner a great property management company is critical to your success and profitability.  There are plenty of property management companies but it can be hard to distinguish good ones from bad ones especially if you are not local.  Here are the tips I recommend that you use to find a good one.

  1. Ask for References – Ask the prospective company to produce a list of references and current clients that you can call to ask all the pertinent questions.
  2. Ask to See Properties They Currently Manage– This will give you a feel of the quality of the properties that they manage. You can tell if they manage mostly higher or lower end properties.
  3. Ask how many properties they manage – Ask for a list or the number of properties that they currently have under management.
  4. How do they market for tenants? – Search for the properties that they currently have available.  If you can’t find it, most likely others can’t either.
  5. Call the local management organizations – There are several organizations in all areas like BOMA (building owners and managers association) and NARPM (national association of residential property managers).

These are some tips that will help you find a great property management company to properly manage your assets.

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