Episode 9: How to Buy Rental Properties Without Using Banks with Mike Butler


How to Buy Rental Properties Without Using Banks

thereloop.com MikeButler300xIn this episode rental property expert Mike Butler shares several of   his “secrets”.

Mike tells us how he wrote his book “Landlording on Autopilot” and how he managed 75 properties while working full time.  Mike tells us how he has bought hundreds of properties and has never used a bank to buy them.  Mike also tells us:

  • How he managed 75 rental properties while working full time.
  • How he used rental properties to achieve financial freedom.
  • Why depreciation is important.
  • Is your real estate investing a hobby or a job?
  • How he was buying two houses a month and working full time.
  • Why you CAN’T do today what he did.
  • Why you should NEVER do your own repairs
  • How he buys without using banks
  • His ‘secret’ power phrase to identify a motivated seller and the response you are looking for.
  • Why you should join your local real estate investing club.
  • How ‘subject to’ deals should properly be done.



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