Episode 25: Marketing Secrets for Investors


Marketing Secrets for Investors

Marketing and networking are key for real estate investing.  I don’t care… Its all about WHO YOU KNOW… So your job is to be known.  Another key to marketing is exposure.  Get you ad or property in front of people looking for deals or looking to sell their property.  So where are those people.  Well, you have to answer that question for yourself.  All I can tell you is where I have found them.

Deals/ Sellers

Here is my list that I use to find deals and sellers.


Here is my list to find buyers for properties that I am selling


This is how I find potential tenants.

I hope you get a lot of value of these free and nearly free resources that I use all the time.  Don’t be shy.  Get out there. Pick up the phone.  Make the calls and you’ll find some deals.


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