Episode 22: Investing Overseas with Taylor White


Real Estate Investing Overseas

In this episode we are learning about investing in real estate overseas with my guest Taylor White.  Taylor tells us how he went from selling real estate in San Diego to living in Panama and investing real estate around the globe.

Phases of Construction

Taylor shares with us the four phases of construction.

  1. Pre-construction
  2. During Construction
  3. Pre-completion (topping out)
  4. Completed

Taylor shares with us his inside secret about when of these four phases is best to invest to see a quick return.  He also shares with us how he used this system to make money in Panama.

Hottest Overseas Markets

Taylor shares with us his picks on the hottest overseas markets including: Panama, Colombia, and Peru.  Taylor also shares which foreign markets he thinks in overrated.

How to Use Short Term Rentals to Pay for Your Retirement Home.

Taylor tells us how to use online booking services to rent your property short term.  Taylor tells us how to structure this so the property is self-sustaining till your ready to retire.


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2 thoughts on “Episode 22: Investing Overseas with Taylor White”

  1. Gavin,

    It was a great time being on your podcast and I hope I provided a few great strategies and tactics your rabid listener base can implement immediately.

    I welcome emails from your audience if there’s something I can help out with –

    Thanks again,


    1. Taylor, thanks again for the interview.. Check back from time to time so we can do an update. Also if you have any products or book launch let me know in advance and I’ll promote it for you.
      Keep living the dream,

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