Episode 32: Frame Control


Frame Control

Sometimes its difficult to be a realtor.  I seem to encounter more than my fair share of difficult people or people that think I am clearly not as smart as they are.  One technique that I have been using with great success is frame control.  If you master this it will make the difficult people and situations easier to manage.

Understanding Frames

There are several different frames. Here are listed a few.

  • Power frame
  • Analytical Frame
  • Time Frame

Who ever “sets” the frame, controls the conversation.  So what you want to do is the set the fame on the other person.  If they know about framing and are aware of what you are doing they will try to bust your frame and set their frame back on you.  This is a type of chess match.  Certain frames can bust other frames.  For example, If I am trying to sell a house and suddenly one of the prospective buyers starts asking about financing, taxes, appreciation and the neighborhood in an aggressive manor, this is an attempt that they are trying to set an analytical frame.  So my response, is something along the lines of repeating their need and desire to purchase a home by a certain date or deadline.  This is me using the time frame to break the analytical frame.

Difficult People

One of my favorite methods is to use frame control when dealing with difficult people.  For example, lets say you have to call someone that is notoriously difficult to deal with to get some information.  Here is what you do.  When you call them you say something like ”  Hey Joe, Tim at my office was telling me how awesome you are to work with, he said last time you and him worked on a deal together, your years of experience really helped the deal go smoothly and I am really looking forward to you helping on this deal”.  What have I done?  I have set the standard for Joe to live up to.  He is not going to prove to me that he is a jerk.  He is going to want to be that great guy to work with.


This is the basics of frame control.  There is a lot of information on Youtube about it and several book written about it.  One of my favorites is Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff.  Check it out.

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