Episode 73: How to Get Rid of the Local Drug Dealer / 6 Sources of Real Estate News


How to Get Rid of the Local Drug Dealer / 6 Sources of Real Estate News

How to get rid of the local drug dealer.

I have a great rental property that has great cash flow.  Although this property is not located in a war zone, it’s not in the best neighborhood either.  My current tenant is about half way thought a three year lease.  She called and she that she is scared to live there and has a doctors note that she is going to have a heart attach if she does not move (a but dramatic).  But she complained about the neighbor.  This in not the first complain about this neighbor dealing drugs and I have actually seen suspicious activity while I was there making some minor repairs once.

So I decided to inform my local sheriff’s department and they were too familiar with the house.  They actually gave me the address and told me the color of the house.  They said there is not much they can do.

So I’m now on to Plan B.  I called around and I found a video surveillance system at Harbor Freight.  A friend of mine had used it in the past and said the system had worked well and in inexpensive.  Hopefully, this combined with some large signs reading “This area is Under Video Surveillance” should curtail the problem.  I’ll let you know.

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6 Sources of Real Estate News

  1.  Inman Select  This is a subscription service that is mostly for agents, but has good information on markets and topics that investors should be monitoring.
  2. MSN Real Estate Although MSN is more interested in flashy headlines than actual article content you can occasionally find some decent articles.  Just remember thay are not going to be super in-depth.
  3. Memphis Invest The Clothier family runs a great business and a great blog.  They are large scale rehabbers now operating in several markets and I trust what they say.  I have heard them speak and they are usually accurate and give a lot of value.
  4. Real Estate Blaze.com This is a good site that is a collection of articles from different investors.  They have a wide range of link to other blogs.  Some of the blogs posted here are providing information just to provide value while others are providing information to sell a product.
  5. Local Realtor Association If you search for you local Realtor Association, they provide general market statistics that are a good reference to investors.  I search Atlanta and Phoenix just to test this and yes it works.  Although some associations give more information than others.
  6. Reiclub.com  This site has a lot of information.  It allows you to search my topic or author.  It has a lot of information and articles for you to use.

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