Episode 71: Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets


Brandon Turner from Bigger Pockets

In this episode I am talking to Brando Turner from www.biggerpockets.com. 

Brandon talks about how he got started in real estate investing by studying all night at his dead end jobs.  Being repeatedly told he could not do it, never stopped Brandon.  Brandon went on to fix and flip and by multiple rental properties.brandon tuner

How Brandon bought a Big Multifamily.

I ask Brandon how he was able to purchase a large multi-family property.  He explains that by partnering with his father and using seller financing Brandon was able to purchase and renovate this property.  What was once a property at 50% occupancy this property is closer to 100% today.

The Start of Bigger Pockets

I ask Brandon about how he got started with Bigger Pockets (BP).  He explains how he went from an early member to the Vice President today.  BP today has over 150,000 members and offers a wealth of information for investors.  BP offers free webinars, books for sale and tools (pro members).  BP also has an amazing forum that you can post questions and answers.  You can search the forums to questions that you have.  Most likely someone else has asked the same question before.

Prediction for 2016

Brandon gives his prediction for what he expects to see in the real estate market in 2016.

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