Episode 45: Identifying Good Tenants When Talking to Them

Identifying Good Tenants When Talking to Them.

Typically we talk to a lot of perspective tenants when we have a vacancy.  Nic from www.rapwithnic.com is as good as I have seen with being able which prospective tenants and which will cause problems.  I ask her to talk about some of the things she listens for when interviewing tenants.  Good tenants are hard to come by, so its a lot easier if you know what to listen for when interviewing to make sure they are going to be a good fit for you and your property.

Red Flags – Most Common

  1. Stories that don’t add up
  2. Inconsistencies in stories
  3. Lack of references
  4. Vague or ambiguous with direct questions
  5. Story constantly changes as you dig deeper
  6. Excuses for everything

These are some of the most common traits that we have seen in bad tenants and we try to avoid these traits.  If you notice some of these traits in a perspective tenant, dig deep and check references, credit and eviction history.


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