Episode 33: Passive-Aggressive Tenants and Code Enforcement


My Passive-Aggressive Tenants and Code Enforcement.

So I recently purchased four properties as a group.  These properties have some deferred maintenance and the tenants have not been manage well if at all.  I knew this going in.

The Plan

I made a list of the items at each property that needed repair and I was going to go house by house and make the repairs in order of importance.  The first item was to get the empty property rehabbed and rented.  That I did.

The Problem Children

In one of the properties I could not reach the tenants so I went over and knocked on the door and introduced myself.  The tenant was a young man (mid 20s) with couple of kids.  He invited me and proceeded to tell me how horrible the previous landlord was and how they never fixed anything.  He also told me that he once had a lease option on the property and how he lost his $3000 deposit to a previous owner of the property (who is now in prison).  I got his information and made some notes of repairs that will have to be completed.

Some time later, I sent them a monthly invoice for $650.00 for the months rent.  I received a call from the wife who informed me that she was only paying $600 and asked about the rent increase.  I told her I’d look into it and get back to her.  I called the seller and she had records of them paying $700 per month, so the wife had lied to me.  So I sent a second invoice informing them that I had made an error and the rent was $700 per month and I included a lease agreement for them to sign and return to me.

I received their rent (a few days later) and no lease.  I thought this was the end of their ‘games’.  I guess I was wrong.

Code Enforcement

I received a letter that code enforcement (without my knowledge) had inspected my property.  Which I’m sure was inspired on by a call from my great tenants!!!  The letter stated about 6 things that i needed to replace.  The most important of which was that some of the windows don’t open.  REALLY??  So, I got my contractor out there making the repairs.  I had NOT planned on making the expenditure right now.

So, now I have a follow up inspection to ensure the work is being completed.  Which it has.  As far as the tenant goes, I’m not sure what to do.  I’m still kinda mad.


  1.  Do nothing and continue to collect rent and recoup my expenditures.
  2. Give them a months notice they need to move.
  3. Wait till spring time then raise the rent, if they move, re rent the property.

What are your thought to do with my passive-aggressive tenants the called code enforcement on me.

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