Marty Green tells us about the real estate market in Canada

Episode 7: Canadian Real Estate Update with Marty Green


Update on the Real Estate market in Canada.  Real estate professional Marty Green tells us what is going on in Canada and what he is doing right now.  Marty tells us:

  • Advice for new investors
  • Current Trends in Canada
  • Investor strategies in Canada
  • Renting to students and managing them.
  • Dealing with tenants
  • How new agents can generate leads.
  • How he keeps his tenants long term.
  • How he tracks multiple Realtors and offices.
  • His secret tenant management tip.
  • Upcoming technologies and apps in 2014
  • Products that Marty is working on.

He shares his new lead generation product.  It is NOT released yet!!! You are the first to hear about it.  He explains it and how it will work.  He breaks out the numbers so real estate agents can plan their income.


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