Episode 43: Build Your Network of Professionals


Build Your Network of Professionals

One of the best things you can have to simplify your real estate investing is build your network of professionals.  Building your network of professionals is easy and will make your life easy as well.  First thing is: Don’t be afraid to ask other for recommendations.  As you develop a relationship with these people over time your job will become easier.  The good news is, that once you establish a list of “go to” people it should be fairly stable with long term people.

Here is my List

  • Painter exterior and interior
  • Plumber (both licensed and handy man)
  • Pressure wash service
  • Carpet cleaning service
  • Pest Control
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrician (both licensed and handy man)
  • General Contractor
  • Roofer
  • Appliance Guy (sales and service of new and used)
  • Lawn service
  • Handy Man

Sources of Referals

  • Other Investors
  • Associates
  • Realtors
  • Hardware Store employees
  • Reia Meetings
  • Facebook (ask in a local group)
  • Ask one of the other professionals (a plumber might know an electrician)

These are some the the sources that I have used to build my network.  Most investors are happy to share their network of people with you, all you gotta do is ask.

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