Episode 4: Revitalizating a Neighborhood with Al Williamson


In this episode Al Williamson discusses his way of plugging into the neighborhood and starting a neighborhood revitalization.  There is a lot of great content about how you can revitalize your neighborhood.

  • What is neighborhood revitalization?
  • How the revitalization process works?
  • How to identify a neighborhood going through a revitalization.
  • How to distinguish between a good, fringe and bad neighborhood
  • Living next door to your tenants
  • Loans of commercial properties
  • Cloudy title (liens) on properties
  • Cleaning up and restarting a multi-unit building.
  • Changes from a three unit building to an eight unit building.
  • Increasing cash flow for rental properties.
  • Free or reduced cost WiFi for your tenants and the neighborhood.
  • Have rental cars available for an apartment complex.
  • How he finds his apartment buildings
  • Advice to single family investors who want to branch out into a multi-unit property.
  • Managing multi-unit properties
  • Screening your tenants for the multi-unit properties.
  • Rallying people to pick up trash in a neighborhood and clean up a neighborhood.
  • How to identify the type of neighborhood by the trash you find.
  • Creating a legacy in a neighborhood.

You can find Al and get his book at www.leadinglandlord.com or www.catalyticlandlord.com


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