Episode 34: Understanding the Buying Process


Understanding the Buying Process

In this episode Nicole and I explain the buying process.  We discuss our mastermind groups starting next year. Buyers buy how they want to buy.  There is NO method.

The Buying Process

  1. Connect with someone.  (email) You have a hook.  Can be an email or a causal meeting, phone call, or facebook message.  Don’t be needy.  This is what I have, let me know if you are in or out.  Must let me know by Wednesday.
  2.  Mini Pitch.  (phone call 5 to 10 min) Make it intriguing and scandalous and interesting.  Why do they want to do business with YOU.
  3. Send the Deal. Builds credibility.  Put a time frame (i need your answer by ……)
  4. Set the meeting  Set the meeting.
  5. Pitch and Close Pitch your deal, product or service, don’t be needy and you MUST CLOSE the deal.

The Push and Pull Close

Amateur sales people use the push close.  Its the reason most people don’t like car salesmen.  They push you.  A better technique is the “push/pull” close.  Instead of pushing a prospect you can pull them and they will naturally follow and close themselves.

Make sure you under promise and over deliver.


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