wholesaling real estate

Episode 15: Start Wholesaling Real Estate Today!


Start Wholesaling Real Estate, No Experience Necessary.

My guest Jackie Lange from www.cashflowdepot.com shares with us how she got started in real estate with no money, experience or education.  Jackie tells you all the information you need to get started wholesaling real estate today.

Jackie also tells us:

  • Why being an agent is too much trouble.
  • Why flipping houses is NOT a good way to start in real estate.
  • Key Phrases with use with sellers to get the BEST deal.
  • How to build a buyers list
  • How to get multiple investor all bidding on the same property.
  • How to estimate the after repaired value (ARV) of the property.
  • How to get a list of motivated sellers in your area.
  • How her daughter made $11,839 in an hour.
  • What types of closings to use and why.




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