1: Michael Brenner Discusses market trends and forecast for 2014


Michael Brenner one of Central Florida’s top real estate experts shares his insights with us.  Michael tells us about current trends, market volume and what he expects to see for the next three years.  Micheal reflects on the last couple of years and them tells us what he is looking forward to.  Michael also talks about wholesaling houses in the current market.

Michael also share with us:

  • Walks us through the short-sale process
  • Explains why inventory volume levels are important
  • Explains the effects (positive and negative) of the hedge funds on the local market
  • When you should be thinking about buying and selling your property.
  • What he is telling his clients.
  • What he is doing with his investors and investment properties.


Micheal’s Recommended Books:


To Contact Mike:

Web: www.centralfl.kwrealty.com

Email:  kwbrenner@gmail.com

863-508-3014 office

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